Sitting in class thinking of you. I want to be with you and hold your hand so bad :(. Look how happy we were in this picture! >.> I love you fag, hope you saw this ❤ We will be together soon rarr.


Sleeping <3

I’m laying here on skype, watching you sweetly sleep and dream. I hope you’re dreaming of me. I applied for my passport tomorrow and paid extra for express shipping. I hope it comes fast. I want to be with you so bad. I miss you so much. I can’t wait to come there, and freeze my butt off , just to be with you. It makes me so happy just thinking about it. I know I work a lot right now, but not much longer and I’ll be there, and you can lay your head in my lap, and protect me from all the dangers and sniff me for “seeds” as you , just to annoy me : p. You’ll always be my one, and my final fantasy. I love you Liam.

Psst >.>

I applied for my passport. We are both happy. <.< I’ll die from your British food, because I’ll starve myself. We can definitely sit in your chair. I most certainly will fly on the 26th <.<, if I can that is. >.> I’m not bringing your phone, and I’ll think about the penguins. I’ll bring Cowgirl Amber’s hat and passport though, and your big gummi bear.


I love you more.



I feel terrible, I wanted the day off Saturday, to sit around and be lazy and watch movies with you, but instead they changed my work schedule and I can’t. So now, not only do I get to spend less time with you, I don’t get to watch a movie with you like I’ve been wanting to . I got pretty upset when she told me they had changed the schedule. I want to be with you and only you. I miss before I worked when we would play l4d all the time, and watch funny videos and watch each other sleep. We would name our little ducklings and talk about the future. Without me working it was so much simpler, and now I have all this mess, and all this time taken from me. It is just terrible. I miss you Liam, and I love you, I hope you can forgive me for my hours spent working in a place I hate.


It’s nights like these it’s hard to take. The distance so far, it’s so unbelievable. I miss you so much I can hardly take it. I think about you, dream about you, I speak about you all the time. You are my life and I would be nothing without you. It’s nights like these I need you lying next to me, telling me you love me and everything will be alright. It’s nights like these , I wish we could just lay down and watch Red Dwarf, or Doctor Who together. It’s night like these, I need you to hold me while I cry and tell you of my pains inside. I need you in my life. Please stay with me, through the hard, and bad times. I love you my little duck, no matter what happens, you are my final fantasy, and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. It’s night like these , that I think of how much we love each other and what we have done, and what we are doing for each other to make it work. Just one duck and penguin , fighting our way through life together, 5000 miles away.


I’m about to leave for work. Another day without you. So far away. I hate it. I miss you so much. I hate being so far. It’s like a forbidden love that can’t be, but it is. We push our way through the hard times and we make it work. We survive another day of the harsh world. Together. One day closer to being together for the rest of our lives, to everything being so much easier.
“And this is when the feeling sinks in,
I don’t wanna miss you like this,
Come back… be here, come back… be here.
I guess you’re in London today,
I don’t wanna need you this way,
Come back… be here, come back… be here.”
Though you don’t live in London, I thought it fit nicely. I love you so much my little duck. Not much longer till the rest of our lives. My handsome duck <3. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day , I’ll miss you, and I’ll be thinking of you at my terrible day of work. Goodbye my duck, for now.