It’s March 26th and things are so hard, but we will give each other space and wait. We will attempt to be happy once more soon. You mean so much to me, and I’ll wait to try again when we go to Disney World together <3.


December 26th

That is the day I leave to see you, to be with you again. Finally. That is the day we can once again be together, ( Well I leave the 26th so actually the 27th is when this will happen.) To be in your arms once again, to kiss your lips and smell that familiar scent. I’m counting down the days . I can’t wait. I need you, I miss you.
Love Amber.


We all have those moments that you want to remember forever, that make you who you are. Those moments with the person you love that you’ll never forget. The moments cherished by both and shared between the two. The moments that when times get hard you think about, and remember the good times you had with that person. I’ve had lots of good moments with you and so many more to come. I miss my duck, but it’s almost December, and that means, almost time for me to go there. I have my passport, and I have my tickets. Here I come my love.


I don’t know why I’m such a bitch. It just happens and then I regret it and it’s all too late. I can’t take any of what I said back, all I can do is regret it and hope you forgive me. I just go off about stupid crap that doesn’t even matter and it tears us up. I shouldn’t be doing this, but I do and it’s foul, and it’s unfair. I just screw up,so much. I should probably just go die somewhere, I hate how mean I am, I hate it. I love you, I don’t know how you put up with it.


Sooo I fel asleep, and I guess my computer restarted, I don’t know if the game finished downloading though, I think it did. I can’t wait to play with you, I hate being here at school not with you. I’m a fat American and I’m hungry >.> I’ll post lots of pictures when I’m there, I can’t wait ❤ Hope my passport hurrys  > : (!! I certainly do miss you though dear. I hope all is well and you’re feeling better now. I have work all weekend sadly, btw, I’ll win. I love you Liam, hope you feel better and I see you soon. Rarr my little snow duc.